The European food sector must undergo transformations to address successfully the complex challenges related to food security and the economic sustainability of the food sector.

FoodNexus is uniquely positioned to take up this task as it is a business-led community involving Europe’s strongest industry, knowledge institutions and supporting organisations from the broad food sector across Europe as well as the full value chain.

FoodNexus initiatives in business, innovation and education will unlock enormous opportunities for creating new businesses and jobs and they will stimulate economic growth in rural areas and for SMEs and large companies.


The vision of FoodNexus is a transformed EU food system that is sustainable, consumer-centred, fully integrated, transparent, climate-resilient and resource-efficient, and thus, competitive globally.


The mission of FoodNexus is to serve as the game-changing driver of transformation in the EU food sector and to create and educate the leaders, entrepreneurs, talent and innovators – the people who drive the breakthrough innovations, development and implementation of consumer-oriented solutions.

FoodNexus addresses three interconnected societal challenges:

  • Food security and sustainability
  • Food quality and safety
  • Food for health and well-being.

By collaborating with other systems in the areas of health, bio-refining, bio-based materials, climate, water, energy and ICT, FoodNexus will create the necessary conditions for the EU food system to meet societal challenges, to strengthen its international competitiveness and to contribute to economic growth and job creation.

By establishing a new ecosystem, FoodNexus seeks to increase connectivity between all the actors in the EU food system and to integrate new actors who can bring new business, innovative technologies and talent into the system, making it the most competitive in the world.

Read more about the partnership on this website, or download the FoodNexus Fact Sheet Feb. 2017

Read more about the purpose of FoodNexus in FoodNexus Position Paper (Dec. 2016).


After some years of initial start-up work, the European consortium was formally founded in 2011, under the name FoodBest by Øresund Food Network, Wageningen University and INRA. The aim was to create a world-leading community for collaboration on food innovation, education and entrepreneurship able to transform the European food sector. Since then, it has enjoyed considerable support from a wide range of leading European companies, universities and public bodies.

Today, FoodNexus is an open and participatory organisation, whose partners are involved in the development of strategies and activities. Organisations, companies and institutions from all over Europe now take an active part in shaping the joint initiatives. See the full list of current partners here

The collaboration is organised into regional centres. These cover Europe’s strongest food regions – both in terms of food production and the international recognition of their food traditions and in terms of innovation and exports – as well as Europe’s innovation leaders. Each regional centre functions as a regional network hub, embracing the region’s partners and being their representative in the region. Find your local FoodNexus office here.