FoodNexus Visioning Summit 2018
– Shaping the future of food

Come and join us in Paris, 29-30 May 2018. We are happy to announce, as key note speakers
• Patrick Caron, CIRAD Director General and Chair of the UN High Level Panel of Experts/HLPE on Food Security and Nutrition
• Isabelle Esser, EVP R&D Foods Unilever
• Jean–François Soussana, Vice-President of INRA

In addition, you will also meet highly inspirational speakers from Wageningen University, Nestlé, Five Seasons Ventures, EIT Food, the EU Directorate General for Research and Innovation, the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy Diet for Healthy Life, the Rathenau Institute, You Can Group, RIKILT, FoodDrinkEurope, Climate KIC and others.

Programme and registration

The food industry is facing huge challenges to feed billions of people while, climate change and land erosion are already making it more difficult to produce food. Also, where wide scale hunger affecting ca 800 million people prevents economic development, health related problems due to imbalanced diets (overeating, lack of micronutrients) lead to staggering health care costs.
Meeting such challenges efficiently requires us to develop a clear vision – and make sure we as decision makers act upon it together. This is why FoodNexus is organizing the first FoodNexus Visioning Summit to provide clear recommendations on how to act, departing from the question:

“What are the most urgent problems facing the food industry in the next 10 years, and how can we best meet these challenges?”

The vision of FoodNexus is a transformed EU food system that is sustainable, consumer centered and fully integrated, transparent, climate resilient, and resource efficient and thus competitive globally. This vision can drive the transformation in the EU food sector and serve academics, the agri-food industry, policy makers and actors in civil society to deliver breakthrough innovations and the development and implementation of consumer-oriented solutions addressing five societal challenges:
• Food security and sustainability: Creating a global, competitive, robust and sustainable food system that is resource efficient and climate resilient, and helps revitalize rural communities based on Europe’s varied cultures and foods, while helping consumers making sustainable choices.
• Food quality and safety: Make the EU food sector fully transparent and consumer-focused, providing safe, high-quality, nutritionally improved, and appealing food products and helping consumers make well-informed decisions to reduce waste and improve sustainability.
• Food for health and wellbeing: Create a food system that consumers can rely on for health and well-being solutions that are attuned to the specific demands of their life stages and lifestyles.
• Integration of novel technologies with social innovations: Boost the food sector capacity to integrate, share, and leverage data, processes, knowledge, and novel technologies, so that it can provide reliable intelligence, connect food sector actors, and develop solutions and services that respond to food-related challenges.
• New business and ecosystems: facilitated entry point for both large and small businesses and entrepreneurs to partner, attract new business ventures, ideate, create, and bring to market innovations that address food challenges.
The FoodNexus Visioning Summit, is one stepping stone in a journey. A journey that no single actor can travel alone. The collaboration of academics, small and big agri-food industry, entrepreneurs, policy makers and civil society is essential, and all have a key role to play. Help us making this Event successful and defining the future of Food in Europe!