Five FoodNexus ‘Ready-to-go’ projects

FoodNexus is launching its first five projects. The projects include a selection of proposals on how to develop solutions for common challenges within the European food sector. They all support FoodNexus’s common strategy with respect to ‘Health and wellbeing’ as well as ‘Food quality and safety’, ‘Food security and sustainability’. In addition, they all involve partners across Europe from public and private organisations.

More information on all five ‘Ready-to-go’ Projects on Factsheets_FoodNexus_Ready-to-go-projects and in the power-point presentation

Below you can find more information on each of the projects.

Gentle processing and zero waste

The FoodNexus project ‘Gentle processing and zero waste’ will focus on improving the European food industry’s ability to re-engineer food unit operations by combining novel technologies in a smarter way. Through smart, gentle processing, the food industry can secure more high-quality final food products in which sensory attributes, biological preservation and nutritional benefits from the raw material are kept while the use of resources (e.g. water, energy, raw materials) is minimized.

Contact person:
Marcel van der Vaart
Marcel-van-der.Vaart @

More information on Factsheet_FoodNexus_Gentle processing and zero waste

Food and wellbeing platform

The FoodNexus project ‘Towards empowered consumers making informed choices’ will focus on consumer wellbeing at the intersection between food, individual choice and perceived health. The project’s aim is to develop strategies to promote positive consumer behaviour and help create nutrition products and services adapted to consumers’ specific needs and requests.

Contact person:
Artem Khlebnikov
Artem.khlebnikov @

More information on Factsheet_FoodNexus_Food and wellbeing platform;

Smart dairy system

The FoodNexus project ‘Towards a smarter dairy system’ will enhance the sustainability of the dairy system through a transdisciplinary effort involving sustainability, marketing, ICT and technology. It will focus on using digital technologies to gather data at multiple points along the supply chain and translating this data into knowledge that will increase value creation along the entire dairy supply chain. Whilst initially focussing on dairy production, the ambition is to expand the results to other food domains.

Contact person:
Declan Troy
Declan.Troy @

More information on Factsheet_FoodNexus_Smart dairy system

Continuing education for food professionals

The FoodNexus project ‘Programme for continuing education for food professionals’ will launch multidisciplinary, innovative, flexible education modules for food professionals of the future. The modules, which are tailored to the needs of the food industry, are based on state-of-the art competences at Europe’s top universities and developed together with industry. The education modules will cover a variety of topics including nutrition; food production & sustainability; entrepreneurship & innovation; sensory sciences; consumer engagement; food safety. The courses will ensure that SMEs and multinational companies are highly competitive in the global food system and that they can contribute to solving global challenges.

Contact person:
Tove Enggrob
tb @

More information on Factsheets_FoodNexus_Ready-to-go-projects_Continuing education for food professionals

Agrofood Startup of the Year Challenge

The FoodNexus project ‘ Agrofood Startup of the Year Challenge’ will strengthen and build the EU network of startups, investors and corporates. It will set up a two-round challenge of the year for food startups in which the best startups will be celebrated and connected to investors and corporates to strengthen and build the EU network of startups, investors, researchers, educators and corporations. It will demonstrate how entrepreneurship and innovation can solve societal challenges in agritech and food.

Contact people:
Linze Rijswijk
linze.rijswijk @

Frans Kampers
frans.kampers @

More information on Factsheet_FoodNexus_Agrofood startup of the year challenge