Common ground between Climate-KIC and FoodNexus

Common ground between Climate-KIC and FoodNexus has been identified during a workshop held on Monday 29 January in Copenhagen.

The Climate-KIC is the European Union’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation. It is one of six Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

The Climate-smart Agriculture Booster (CSA Booster) is one of Climate-KIC’s flagship programmes. Its goal is to catalyse and accelerate the application, adoption and scaling of low-carbon (“climate-smart”) technologies in the European agricultural sector and beyond – stretching across the food value chain and all the way to the consumer. To achieve its mission, the CSA Booster will bring together a multi-stakeholder ecosystem, and FoodNexus is well positioned to engage in overlapping areas. For example, industry partners of FoodNexus could be valuable for scaling some of the innovative practices identified by the CSA Booster programme.

Therefore, as a continuation of agreements between FoodNexus and Climate-KIC at the highest level, the first step-stone for concrete collaboration was a workshop to identify the common ground and define targets for this. This workshop took place at the University of Copenhagen with pan-European representation of both organisations, including Climate-KIC CEO Kirsten Dunlop and FoodNexus ExBo member Erik Bisgaard Madsen.

The workshop ended up with a common roadmap for both short-term, concrete and tangible initiatives and more strategic, long-term issues and possibilities. The first of the short-term activities that will be acted upon now is a side-event at the ‘FoodNexus Visioning Summit 2018´, while a process for more long-term, strategic objectives will be defined by a nominated working group consisting of representatives from both consortia.

Now, the working groups responsible for each item of the common workplan will develop plans with targets and identify funding possibilities.

For more information about this collaboration please contact Erik Bisgaard Madsen.