European by reach, European by vision

FoodNexus is a European alliance of top companies and knowledge institutions, committed to innovation and competitiveness, while solving major societal challenges. The FoodNexus Consortium has a uniquely wide reach, covering a large range of European countries and regions.

The collaboration is organised in Regional Centres – covering Europe´s strongest food regions, both in terms of food production and international recognition of their food traditions but also in terms of innovation and exports, as well as covering Europe’s innovation leaders. Each Regional Centre functions as a regional network hub, embracing the region’s Partners and being their representative in the region.

A European agenda

FoodNexus is committeed to contributing to the European Innovation Union, and to supporting key European strategies and policies.

FoodNexus aims to be the thought-leader in the European food sector, and wants to make an essential contribution to the long-term European Food strategic agenda.

  • In 2016: consolidation of the European FoodNexus Consortium
  • 2017: Launch of FoodNexus activities
  • Next 10-15 years: FoodNexus will help build the European Food strategic agenda
  • Long term: Will support key EU agendas within innovation, jobs, health and sustainability.